5th Virginia
Company H
"Augusta Rifles"

                            History of Company H

The Augusta Rifles represent Company H of the 5th Regiment of Virginia Volunteers; one of the 5 regiments that formed the Stonewalls Brigade. The whole Regiment consisted of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 27th & the 33rd Virginia Regiments.

    The 5th Virginia began as a regiment of volunteers militia companies organized in Augusta County. On March 4, 1860 an election was held to decide the field officers.  The first officers of the unit were:
Colonel - William S.H. Baylor, Lieutenant Colonel - Robert Doyle, First Major - Henry Cochran, Second Major - R R Ruff.  The 5th Virginia was under the command of General Stonewall Jackson.   Battles fought by the 5th Va Infantry were: Falling Waters, Manassas, Kernstown, Port Republic, Gaines' Farm, Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas, Chancellorsiville, Gettysburg, Bealton's Station Payne's Farm, Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House,  Fort Stedman.  Volunteers in 1861 enrolled for a 1 year of service with the company they selected.  After the enrollment the company was mustered into state service for 1 year.  After the Conscription act in April 1862 the term of service already in the field was extended to 3 years dating from the original enlistment.  Men between the ages of 18 & 45 were able for service, soldiers under or over the age could be discharged.

The following is a breakdown of the Companies, County, & Commanding officer, that made up the 5th Virginia Infantry

Company  A

Marion Riffle

 Fredrick County

Capt. John H.S. Funk

Company B

Rockbridge Riffle

Rockbridge County

Capt. Samuel Letcher

Company C

Mountain Guard

Augusta County

Capt. Robert L Doyle

Company D

Southern Guard

Augusta County

Capt. Hazael J William

Company E

Augusta Greys

Augusta County

Capt. James W. Newton

Company F

West View Infantry

Augusta County

Capt. St. Francis C. Roberts

Company G

Staunton Riffles

Augusta County

Capt. Asher W. Harman

Company H

Augusta Riffles

Augusta County

Capt. Absalom Koiner

Company I

Ready Riffles

Augusta County

Capt. Oswald F. Griman

Company K

Continental Morgan Guards

Fredrick County

Capt. John Avis

Company L

West Augusta Guard

Augusta County

Capt. James H. Waters


Company H - Augusta Riffles

  • July 1858,  Co H was organized and mustered into service & attached to the 32nd Regiment  (Augusta County) Virginia Militia.
  • Company H was also known as the Augusta Riffles.  
  • Captain Absdom Koiner commanded the company.
  • The Augusta Riffles were enrolled for active service at Fishersville.

Company H Officers

 Captain - Absalom Koiner, George T. Antrim, James W. Gibson
Lieutenants - Moses A McComb, Jacob H. Keiser, George Henry Killian, George Franklin Keiser

Battles fought by Company H

Manassas July 21, 1861
Kernstown - March 23, 1862
Port Republic- June 9, 1862
Gaines' Farm - June 27, 1862
Cedar Mountain - August 9, 1862
Second Manassas - August 28-30 1862
Chancellorsiville - May 3, 1863
Gettysburg - July 3, 1863
Payne's Farm - November 27, 1863
Wilderness - May 5-6 1864
Spotsylvania Court House - May 8-19 1864
Fort Stedman - March 25, 1865